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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Current Graduate Students

Registration requirements

Please note that the normal full-time load for a graduate student, including those on assistantships, is 10-12 credits; the Graduate School does not require a student to enroll in 18 credits to maintain an assistantship.  Programs should ensure that students enroll for the appropriate amount of credits based on program requirements.

Each graduate student receiving financial support from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the form of teaching or research assistantship or fellowship must register for 10-12 credit hours each semester. At least nine of these credits should be graded courses, unless the student is near the end of the program and the course work is near completion. The remainder of the credits may be made up of research credits, i.e., EE or Cpt S 700 or 800 for PhD’s.

Full-time students who are self-supporting should register for at least 10 credit hours each semester, but may choose to register for more.

Students considering dropping or withdrawing from a course that will put them below the requirements listed above should have the approval of their advisor and/or the Graduate Coordinator.

For detailed information regarding the EECS graduate program please refer to the Graduate Program Handbook.