Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) emphasizes digital and analog circuit design and provides a direct interface to applications that affect every aspect of our lives.

Key Topics

  • Manycore Architecture Design and Optimization:
    Network-on-Chip, Heterogeneous manycore architecture, Hardware accelerator for Big Data computing, Novel on chip interconnection architectures.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Emerging Technologies and Systems:
    3D integrated circuits, CAD algorithms for advanced technology nodes and emerging technologies, high-performance arithmetic architecture, system modeling.
  • Applications:
    Wireless Communications, Millimeter-Wave, Wireless Backhaul, Optical Communications, Flexible Electronics, Energy-efficient Computation, Consumer Electronics, Medical Systems, Signal Processing, Energy Management, 3D Electronics.
  • Circuits and Systems Design:
    Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, RF Transceivers, Frequency Synthesizers, Power Amplifiers, High-speed digital, high-frequency analog, microwave circuits, memories, timing.
  • Devices and Technology:
    Bio-silicon/Optical-silicon interfaces, Integrated sensors, Mixed-signal systems, Mixed material systems.