School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Senior Design

The Washington State University School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) senior design curriculum centers on meeting the requirements of an actual client.

All EECS students must take the two-semester senior design course in their senior year. The senior design course is an in-depth group project that requires students to practically apply knowledge from their previous coursework. Each senior design team is sponsored by an industry or research lab and takes on a real-world project proposed by a client. Clients, sponsors, and mentors (usually faculty members) supervise the senior design teams during the course. The final outcome of the project is each team delivering an actual hardware or software product. At the end of the course, teams present their projects in an open-house competition, and each project is judged by a panel of industry professionals.

Examples of recently completed designs include:

  • A robotic submarine
  • Teaching modules covering power supply topologies
  • A software framework for the analysis of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry systems for proteomics analysis
  • Subsystems on a biofuel pyrolysis reactor
  • Software that translates assembly code into its C equivalent.