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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lunch and Learn with Industry

Lunch and Learn with Industry Series

This free lunchtime learning series connects industry with WSU students. High-tech companies share their insights and engage with participants through Q&A.

Presenters cover topics such as:

  • Career experiences
  • How to succeed in industry
  • What to expect with your first job
  • Interviewing advice
  • Technology discussions and trends

The series is sponsored by the WSU EECS Executive Council.

Upcoming Webinars

Friday, October 23 @ 12:10 PM EECS Lunch and Learn with Industry Series: Why consider utility engineering and what employers look for when hiring engineers by Cameron Doneen, Puget Sound Energy

Cameron will share personal experiences that led him to choose a career in the utility industry and provide an overview of the breadth of opportunities offered by this sector.

Friday, November 6 @ 12:10 PM EECS Lunch and Learn with Industry Series: Joe Dumoulin, Aon IP Services Online

The landscape of work in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science is constantly growing and changing.

Friday, December 4 @ 12:10 PM EECS Lunch and Learn with Industry: How to get your foot in the door, keep learning and contribute to your company’s success

As a newly degreed engineer, Troy got his foot in the door at PSE by applying for a senior-level position and convincing the selection team he was the right applicant to fill the role.

On-Demand Webinars

September 25  An unexpected journey and why you should care by Jon Campbell, MicrosoftAccessibility is a field that is of ever-increasing importance. An alternate title for this talk could be “Accessibility – everything they won’t teach you in school but will need to know.” This talk will present a brief look at how the speaker got into the accessibility area of computer science.


October 9Your career is not what you’re expecting by Arika Arnzen, SEL, Inc.Arika will present on the unexpected, fun, and challenging transition she experienced as she left college and started her career.