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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Lunch and Learn with Industry

Lunch and Learn with Industry Series

This free lunchtime learning series connects industry with WSU students. High-tech companies share their insights and engage with participants through Q&A.

Presenters cover topics such as:

  • Career experiences
  • How to succeed in industry
  • What to expect with your first job
  • Interviewing advice
  • Technology discussions and trends

This series is sponsored by the WSU EECS Executive Council.

Watch the series introduction by Dr. Greg Zweigle, host of The Lunch and Learn with Industry Webinar Series.

Upcoming Webinars

More seminars coming soon!


Webinar Highlights

September 9, 2022 The World of Field Application Engineering; Sam Lowe, Siemens EDA Coming Soon!

I will share my typical workday as a Field AE from improving the product, to solving technical problems at large companies. Since I work with multiple engineering teams, I will share how these groups work together, and insights into the current state of the industry. I will also introduce the different roles within Siemens EDA and highlight some opportunities for college graduates.

January 21, 2022 Q & A with Women of Engineering Learn more about engineering careers, from the perspective of five women with decades of experience in engineering.  Read about our panel of speakers.

How do you determine your career path early in your career?

How do you build confidence?

The Importance of a Support System

Should I get an internship?

Overcoming Challenges, Failure, and the Imposter Syndrome.

Overcoming Bias in the Workplace

How Can Internships Help Determine Your Career Path?

Words of Encouragement for Female Engineers

December 10, 2021 Kristina Newhouse, Avista CorporationAs you work on your final year of engineering courses, chances are you’re probably also trying to figure out how to get your engineering career started after graduation. In my talk I’ll share some things I learned as an engineer and a hiring engineering manager from applications and resumes to preparing for your interview.

3 Stages of Interviewing

What Items on a Resume Standout to Employers?

Q & A: Cover letters, Certification, and Negotiating Job Offers for Engineers

What Job Opportunities are at Avista Corporation for Engineers?

October 8, 2021 Janet Olson, Cadence Design Systems Overview of Cadence – what it does, markets it works with and vision, details of technology being developed at Cadence and opportunities at Cadence.

Advice to Engineering Students

How is Cadence leading the computational software convergence?

Life at Cadence

Why did I choose to work for cadence?

Sep 10, 2021 Transitioning from College to the Workplace – What it was Like for Me by Emma Clawson, SEL, Inc.Emma Clawson will share some of her last year experiences transitioning from college to an internship and then to a full-time position as an engineer.

What is an average day like for a first-year engineer?

What are classes many engineering students thought they’d never use?

What did my professors do for me?

Grow beyond your comfort zone: Take advantage of opportunities!

On-Demand Webinars

April 2, 2021 Building a career through entrepreneurship by Gary Steele, ProofpointGary Steele will discuss his journey in entrepreneurship and describe many of the critical decisions and their tradeoffs as he built an industry leading cybersecurity company.

March 19, 2021 Q & A Session: Software or Electric Power or AnythingJoin us to ask career and technology questions to a panel from Microsoft, Avista, and SEL. We formed this panel from two somewhat different industries to give you a chance to hear different perspectives to your career questions.

December 4, 2020 How to get your foot in the door, keep learning and contribute to your company’s success by Troy Coleman, Puget Sound EnergyTroy will provide guidance on getting recognized for your capabilities and keeping yourself in learning mode for continued success in projects of increasing complexity

November 20, 2020Life and times (and careers) at a national research laboratoryJoin us to learn about the exciting computational, engineering, analytical, and cybersecurity research and development underway at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. We will describe a day in the life of a researcher and provide a few examples of exciting projects in critical infrastructure, control systems, data science, software engineering, and more.

November 6, 2020 Machine Learning Jobs – What are they like and How Do You Get One? by Joe Dumoulin, Aon IP ServicesJoe will discuss some of the trends in machine learning tech, the types of jobs that are typically available, and the typical needs of those jobs.

October 23, 2020 Why consider utility engineering and what employers look for when hiring engineers by Cameron Doneen, Puget Sound EnergyCameron will share personal experiences that led him to choose a career in the utility industry and provide an overview of the breadth of opportunities offered by this sector.

October 9, 2020Your career is not what you’re expecting by Arika Arnzen, SEL, Inc.Arika will present on the unexpected, fun, and challenging transition she experienced as she left college and started her career.

September 25, 2020 An unexpected journey and why you should care by Jon Campbell, MicrosoftAccessibility is a field that is of ever-increasing importance. An alternate title for this talk could be “Accessibility – everything they won’t teach you in school but will need to know.” This talk will present a brief look at how the speaker got into the accessibility area of computer science.