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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Current Student FAQ

  • Is the GRE required? 🡅
    • We are waiving the GRE requirement for Fall 2022 applications due to testing difficulties during the pandemic. This policy may change in future semesters, so the field is still required in the application.  If you do not have GRE scores, you can put in a testing date for that field.
  • What is the application deadline? 🡅

How do I enroll in…

  • a course as audit?
  • an undergraduate E_E or CPT_S course?
    • Email the Graduate Coordinator, Smitha Bose – with your name, ID number and the course with section number that you wish to enroll in.
  • an undergraduate course in a different department?
    • Email the department to request that they enroll in you in the course if possible. Include your name, ID number, and the course with section
  • a course that is full?
    • Put yourself on the waitlist and attend classes the first week of If people drop or do not attend, you may be able to get in.
  • Directed Study – E_E or CPT_S 595?
  • research credits (E_E or CPT_S 700, 702, 800)?
    • You should be able to enroll via myWSU like any other. Make sure you select your faculty advisor if you have one, or Smitha Bose if you do not have an assigned faculty advisor.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

  • For current term withdrawals ‐ Student Homepage > Manage Classes > Withdraw from Current Term
  • For future term withdrawals (term has not started) – review this checklist, then take the appropriate action.

How do I enroll for classes in myWSU?

How do I get signatures on my forms?

  • You can get original (in‐person) signatures on forms and then scan to the Grad Coordinator, or you can send the completed form to and the grad coordinator will send the form around for signatures via Adobe Sign. Please note that the Graduate School only accepts certain types of digital signatures.