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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Data Science

All around us, massive amounts of digital data are being captured through the Internet, sensors, sequencers, simulations, and other similar technologies. Data science is a rich interdisciplinary field aimed at extracting knowledge and insight from such data. It is a field at the intersection of a variety of disciplines, including computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering, and requires unique skills to create effective solutions.

Researchers at WSU are developing models, algorithms, systems, and technologies needed to advance data science research and practice in both industry and academia. Our faculty are actively developing a solid data science curriculum aimed at educating the next-generation of data scientists.

New Courses

Elements of Network Science

Intro to Data Science

Big Data

Advanced Databases



Assefaw Gebremedhin
Research: Graph algorithms and applications, network science, high performance computing, combinatorial scientific computing, optimization

Ananth Kalyanaraman
Research: Computational biology and bioinformatics, parallel algorithms and applications, string algorithms

Yinghui Wu
Research: Database systems and data management with emphasis on graph database, graph query models and languages, and distributed and dynamic graphs