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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Undergraduate Computer Science Syllabi

CptS 111: Introduction to Computer Programming

CptS 121: Program Design and Development

CptS 122: Data Structures  C/C++

CptS 131: Program Design and Development Java

CptS 132: Data Structures Java

CptS 223: Advanced Data Structures C/C++

CptS 233: Advanced Data Structures Java

CptS 260: Introduction to Computer Architecture

CptS 317: Automata and Formal Languages

CptS 321: Object-Oriented Software Principles

CptS 322: Software Engineering Principles I

CptS 350: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CptS 355: Programming Language Design

CptS 360: Systems Programming

CptS 370: Systems Programming Java

CptS 411: Introduction to Parallel Computing

CptS 415: Big Data

CptS 421: Software Design Project I

CptS 422: Software Engineering Principles II

CptS 423: Software Design Project II

CptS 427: Computer Security

CptS 430: Numerical Analysis

CptS 434: Neural Network Design and Application

CptS 437: Introduction to Machine Learning

CptS 438 Scientific Visualization

CptS 439: Cyber Infrastructure for the Smart Electric Grid

CptS 440: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CptS 442: Computer Graphics

CptS 443: Human-Computer Interaction

CptS 451: Introduction to Database Systems

CptS 452: Compiler Design

CptS 453: Graph Theory

CptS 455: Introduction to Computer Networks

CptS 460: Operating Systems and Computer Architecture

CptS 464: Distributed Systems Concepts and Programming

CptS 466: Embedded Systems

CptS 471: Computational Genomics

CptS 475: Data Science

CptS 476: Software Construction and Maintenance

CptS 478: Software Process and Management

CptS 479: Mobile Application Development

CptS 481: Python Software Construction

CptS 484: Software Requirements

CptS 485: Gerontechnology I

CptS 486: Gerontechnology II

CptS 487: Software Design and Architecture

CptS 488: Professional Practice Coop/Internship I

CptS 489: Web Development

CptS 499: Special Problems