Form Links and Submission Guidelines

Below are some of the more frequently accessed links to important forms and guidelines to all graduate students. For further information on these forms, procedures, deadlines, and related guidelines, please refer to the WSU Graduate School website.

Your scheduling form must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 10 business days before your desired exam date, get the form submitted to the department at least 15 business days ahead of time

All graduate students are expected to plan ahead and stay aware of all the deadlines for form submission (exams, program of study, etc.). As the graduate studies coordinator currently sends forms using Adobe Sign for digital signatures, it can take a few days to get those e-signatures and get the form to the Graduate School. With this in mind, students should submit forms to the graduate studies coordinator at least 1 week before they need to be submitted to the Graduate School. This means students will submit the form to me at least 3 weeks before an intended exam date, earlier if there are University Holidays or breaks. All forms are available on the Graduate School website, linked on the Helpful Links page.