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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Student Clubs

Student groups and organizations provide community and a forum to share ideas. Participation in student clubs reinforces academic concepts and gives students a chance to be more immersed in the information. Club membership demonstrates active participation in a chosen field, and can help create friendships and provide future networking opportunities.

Linux User’s Group (LUG) | on Facebook

The Washington State Linux Users Group (LUG) exists to promote the visibility and use of Linux and other Free and Open Source software. They host tech talks, 2 yearly LAN parties (WinterWonderLAN, WSUCon), Linux tutoring, and more.

IEEE Student Chapter | on Facebook

The IEEE is committed to the tradition of a strong engineering culture as well as serving as a social and career building enterprise for those students that wish to make use of our resources. They host tech talks, a yearly Hardware Hackathon, and more.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | on Facebook

The ACM WSU Chapter is a student club focused on bringing together passionate computer science students. They host tech talks, the year CrimsonCode Hackathon, and more.

Association for Computing Machinery, Women’s Chapter (ACM-W) | on Facebook

The ACM-W WSU Chapter is a new club that focuses on bringing together women in computer science and engineering so as to help bridge the gender gap and give women the resources they need to succeed in computer science and engineering. They host educational talks, bring high school groups of girls to see WSU and EECS, and other social events that welcome everyone.

CrimsonCode Hackathon | on Facebook

The CrimsonCode Hackathon is the annual WSU Hackathon hosted by the ACM with the assistance of other computer science clubs like the ACM-W, Linux Users’ Group, Computer Security Group, and more.

RoboSub Club of the Palouse | on Facebook, Twitter

A group of highly motivated students passionate about robotics. Each year they design and build an autonomous submarine for the AUVSI RoboSub competition. All majors welcome!

Software as a Service Club | on Facebook

The Software as a Service Club is a a club designed to incorporate business, technology, graphic design, 3D modeling, and many more skills, in a formal Agile setting, to produce software as a service applications.

Robotics Club | on Facebook

The Robotics Club’s mission is to increase enthusiasm towards, and knowledge of, robotics by providing students of Washington State of University a hands-on and multi-disciplinary collaborative experience in designing, building, and programming robots.

Amateur Radio Club (Rho Epsilon) | on Facebook

The Amateur Radio Club’s goal is to provide Washington State University students with the opportunity to learn and experiment with amateur radio as well as to meet other students interested in amateur radio and share ideas.

World Computer Exchange (WCE) | on Facebook

Founded in 2011, the chapter services the Pullman, WA/Moscow, ID area. Our volunteers, mainly college students from the WCE Club at WSU, take on a wide variety of roles, from refurbishing computers in the warehouse to networking and promoting WCE in the community.

Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) | on Facebook

BPC are a community of computer science and technology enthusiasts at Washington State University. The goal is to encourage more people to engage in computer science and related fields via education, outreach, and social events. This club was made for people of all ages and levels of experience who are excited about computer science, programming, and technology.

Computer Security Group (CSG) | on Facebook

The purpose of the Computer Security Group is to teach cyber security techniques, practices, and ethics. The techniques and practices will be real world methods to help prepare members for the reality of cyber security. This will be achieved through the use of a hands on lab, tech talks, and games which simulate real world situations.

Tech Club | on Facebook

Tech Club is dedicated to bringing together all those who are interested in technology and giving them a group to create projects and share their passions.

Society for EECS Graduate Students (SEGS) | on Facebook

A club dedicated to EECS graduate students. They host various dinners during finals week that are open to students.

Cougs in Space | on Facebook

Cougs in Space is a club aimed towards getting students the hands-on experience they need for internships and careers in the space and aerospace industries. Our primary project is building a cube satellite as part of NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative with an expected launch date in 2019 or 2020. We meet every Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Sundays at 2pm. Please see our Facebook page for information about locations of the meetings.