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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Smart Environments

In less than 35 years, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population will be 65 years or older. Research in smart environments has the potential to aide those who are physically or cognitively restricted through advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Researchers at WSU are creating smart environments for hospitals, apartments, airports, workplaces, and other common settings that can act as intelligent agents to enhance health care, resource management, security, and convenience. A $3 million National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) grant supports multidisciplinary doctoral training focused on health-assistive smart environments. Some of this research includes:

  • Pioneering work on data collection with low-power wireless sensor networks.
  • Investigating the use of automation for health and sustainability benefits in the smart environment.
  • Development of a remote body monitoring system that autonomously detects and reports critical changes in patient health to medical experts in real time.


Research projects and labs

Intellligent Robot Learning Laboratory

CASAS Smart Home Project

REU Program

Mobile, Pervasive and Sensor Computing (MPSC)

Smart Environments Research Center


Diane Cook
Research: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, robotics, smart environments, and parallel algorithms for artificial intelligence

Aaron Crandall
Research: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart environments engineering, user experience needs, and gerontechnology

Jana Doppa
Research: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data-driven science, assistive technologies for smart environments, graph mining, bioinformatics, and health-informatics

Assefaw Gebremedhin
Research: Graph algorithms and applications, network science, high performance computing, combinatorial scientific computing, optimization

Hassan Ghasemzadeh
Research: Processing platform design, collaborative signal and information processing, power optimization, data analytics, and algorithm design for networked embedded systems

Larry Holder
Research: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, graph theory, algorithms, security and bioinformatics

Behrooz Shirazi
Research: Sustainable computing, pervasive computing, and wireless sensor networks

Matthew E. Taylor
Research: Intelligent agents, multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, and robotics

Yinghui Wu
Research: Database systems and data management with emphasis on graph database, graph query models and languages, and distributed and dynamic graphs