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Andy O'FallonOur own Andrew O’Fallon, voted best professor at WSU, poses a coding question to his computer science class Monday, April 24th.





Gwen Kyllo is the most recent recipient of the 2018 EECS Staff Excellence Award, an award that acknowledges outstanding employees who go above and beyond their job description.

Gwen has an exceptional understanding of the department’s finances. She is very knowledgeable regarding WSU policies and procedures. Her accurate guidance and good judgement keeps the department in compliance with policy and she is able to use her many resources to seek informed solutions to any problem or situation that our department encounters, stated Partha Pande, Department Chair.

Another co-worker shared that Gwen embodies the definition of a great leader and mentor which reminds her of a quote, “Great leaders are not the best at everything. They find people who are best at different things and get them all on the same team”-Eileen Bistrisky.



Dr. Diane Cook, WSU Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award

Vasiliy Bunakov, Tech Super Hero

Vasiliy Bunakov