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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Online Master's degree in Software Engineering

Program Requirements

The MSSE program requires 30 credits. Following is an outline of the degree:

[ 9 CREDITS ] Cpt S 515: Advanced algorithms
Cpt S 484: Software Requirements
Cpt S 487: Software Design and Architecture

[ 15 CREDITS ] Cpt S 581: Software Maintenance
Cpt S 582: Software Testing
Cpt S 583: Software Quality
E M 522: Leadership, Supervision and Management
E M 564: Project Management

[ 6 CREDITS] Cpt S 580: Advanced Databases
Cpt S 527: Computer Security
Or any other 5xx level course in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Math. The courses that are not offered online through the proposed degree can be taken locally and transferred into the program upon approval by the Graduate Studies Committee.

The online master’s degree in software engineering can be completed in under two years with a full-time course load. Working professionals may prefer to attend part-time for maximum flexibility. Please visit the WSU Global Campus page for example full-time and part time study plans.