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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Online Master's degree in Software Engineering


What is included in the MS in Software Engineering degree?
The MS SE degree requires 30 credits of course-work:

  • A set of core courses on fundamentals of software engineering and computer science (9 credits)
  • A set of courses on advanced topics in software engineering that spans the topics of software maintenance, software testing, and software quality. (9 credits)
  • A set of professional courses in leadership, supervision, and project management. (6 credits)
  • A set of electives on various topics in computer science (6 credits)
Why would a student be interested in a MS in Software Engineering?
If you have an undergraduate degree in another field but have worked in industry as a software engineer, you can expand your career options in various aspects of software engineering by earning this degree.
If you have an undergraduate degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or information sciences, you can enter this program to stay competitive and drive innovation and changes in the global environment.
How can a student register for the program?
A student can apply to the program through the WSU Graduate School.
How much does it cost?
In 2017-18, the per-credit cost for students is $585 per credit. If enrolled for more than 10 credits (up to 18 credits), students pay a fixed amount of $5,842 per semester. If enrolled for more than 18 credits, cost is $561 per credit (in addition to full-time tuition). Please see for more information. Books required for classes are additional. Details of any increase will be announced as soon as they are available.
Can a student register for a limited number of courses?
The most common way to do this is to use non-degree graduate status. This classification is for applicants who wish to explore graduate studies on a limited basis. Applications for non-degree graduate status are processed by the Graduate School without departmental recommendation, and applicants are subject to the following rules:

  • Required to pay graduate fees.
  • Permitted to enroll in courses only with permission of the instructor and the department offering the courses. Some departments do not allow non-degree students to register for their courses. Students who register without department approval may be disenrolled.
  • Permitted to remain in non-degree graduate status for up to one calendar year.
  • Permitted to apply up to 6 hours of non-degree graduate status credit to the graduate degree requirements if admitted by the WSU Graduate School to a degree program. Use of non-degree graduate status credits will be held to the usual time restrictions for program completion.

Further, there is no guarantee that they will be accepted if they apply. If the students apply to a degree-seeking program and are accepted, they will be appropriately reclassified as Regular or Provisional. International students who require a student visa are not eligible for non-degree graduate status. Non-degree Application form.

Will there be certificates available for completing subsets of courses?
What are the prerequisites for this program?
The School of EECS evaluates applicants for admission to its graduate programs based on college transcripts, GPA, the score on the general GRE, (3) letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and TOEFL score, if applicable for international students.

Applicants should satisfy the following:

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in a major from an accredited institution in the United States or an equivalent international institution
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher, in a completed degree program, bachelor’s or above
  • Advanced capability in a programming language such as C/C++, Java, Python, etc.

Students whose undergraduate studies did not include material equivalent to that covered in the following WSU courses will be asked to take course work to resolve their undergraduate deficiencies: CptS 121, 122, 223, 260, 317, 355, 360, 350, Phil 201, and Math 216. (Check the WSU catalog for information on these courses.)
All or most of these courses should be completed before the student is eligible for admission into the MS program in Software Engineering. Some of the above prerequisites can be waived if the student completed equivalent courses in other institutions or had extensive industry experience in programming and/or software engineering.
Students need to submit their applications in order for the admission committee review the applications and identify the course prerequisites they need to complete. (The committee will look into the transcripts and any information about the student’s work experience and will suggest a subset of the prerequisite courses from the above list). Even if the students don’t have all prerequisites, they can still enroll WSU as non-degree seeking graduate students and apply to the MS SE program as soon as the missing prerequisites are completed.

When was the program first offered?
Fall 2017
Are the courses taught within certain time limits?
It is assumed that a student will enroll in and complete a course within a normal WSU semester. If the work is to be extended beyond the end of the semester, the following policy applies.
An incomplete (“I”) is the term indicating that a grade has been deferred. It is given to a student who, for reasons beyond the student’s control, is unable to complete the assigned work on time. The “I” grade for a graduate-level course (all courses numbered 500 and above) and an undergraduate course (all courses numbered 499 or lower) will be changed to an “F” if the work is not completed within one academic year following the semester in which the “I” grade was assigned, unless a shorter time is specified by the instructor. The student may not repeat the course to remove an incomplete grade. Graduate students may not graduate with an “I” grade on their transcript. (See Academic Regulations, Rule 90h here.)
How are office hours handled?
While each instructor is different, typical instructor interaction policies are as follows:

  • Response to emails within twenty four hours
  • Grading turn around within one week. If scheduled in advance, faculty members can be available via email in real time.
How are exams handled?

Proctors are required for courses in this program. Review details about proctoring.

What is the contact information for global campus?

Is it possible to transfer credit from another institution?

Graded graduate-level course work (with a grade of B or higher) taken toward a completed master’s degree at an accredited institution may NOT be used toward another master’s degree at WSU. All other graded graduate-level course work (with a grade of B or higher) taken as a graduate student, but not taken towards a completed graduate degree, may be used toward a master’s degree or a doctoral degree at WSU with the approval of the students committee and program director. In all transfer cases, the number of such credit hours is limited to no more than half of the total graded course credits required by the program that is listed on the Program of Study.On-line coursework will be considered for transfer to a graduate degree program only upon an exception to policy request to the Dean of the Graduate School.