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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

New Faculty 2023

Concept of a digital data highway.


For 2023, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is excited to welcome three new faculty members – Monowar Hasan, Nghia Hoang, and Balasubramanian (Subu) Kandaswamy.

Monowar Hasan

Dr. Monowar Hasan

Ph.D.: Computer Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

M.Sc.: Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba

What do you teach?

I teach computer security.

Why do you like teaching?

I want to share my knowledge and vision about the field. I feel refreshed to see students attend my lectures just to learn and explore something new. I also know many things while I prepare my lessons and during the in-class discussions with my students.

What drew you to your field of study?

I work in computer systems, making them more secure, dependable, and resilient. Security solutions were often an afterthought and not considered a part of many systems designs. As a result, many production systems were vulnerable, as evidenced by many real-world attacks in various domains, including financial sectors, medical devices, data centers, and enterprise systems, to embedded devices such as drones and autonomous cars. Hence there is a need for a concerted effort to secure critical systems. My research aims to design new protocols, frameworks, tools, and algorithms and protect those safety-critical systems against malicious actions.

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Nghia Hoang

Dr. Nghia Hoang

Ph.D.: Computer Science, National University of Singapore

B.Sc. : Information Technology, University of Science, Vietnam National University

What do you teach?

I teach an artificial intelligence course.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

To me the most enjoyable moment of teaching is when I see my students being able to relate, discuss and interpret the connection between the concepts taught in classes.
Being able to do so means the students have truly acquired a deep understanding of the topics and will be able to study more independently moving forward to achieve further successes and discoveries in their career paths.

What is your research focus?

My research focuses on developing personalized intelligent systems comprising IoT devices (e.g., smart phones/watches) assisting a large user base.

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B. Kandaswamy

Dr. Subu Kandaswamy
Dr. Balasubramanian (Subu) Kandaswamy

Ph.D.: Computer Science, Northwestern University

M.S.: Computer Science, University of North Texas

What do you teach?

I like programming and hence, I teach Introduction to programming, Object Oriented Programming and Full Stack Development. In addition, I also teach Artificial Intelligence and Agent Based Modeling, both of which are courses related to my area of research. In my first semester (Spring 2023) at WSU, I will be offering Web Development, Software Testing and the Software Design Project I.

Why do you like teaching?

I always enjoyed breaking up a complex idea and communicating it in a way that anybody can understand. When everything clicks, the listeners’ face brightens up and it’s a very gratifying experience. It is very similar to how a Chef feels when he/she sees someone really enjoy a dish that they prepared.

What does your research consist of? How would you explain it to a class of freshmen?

We use analogies, metaphors, and similes every day to communicate with each other and to learn new things. All of this comes from our ability to recognize something called relational patterns.
I want to find new ways to enable computers to recognize, learn, and utilize relational patterns, just like humans. I believe this is essential for making machines smarter.

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