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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Graduate Course Transfer Request Requirements

You must work closely with your advisor to fill out a Petition to Transfer Graduate Coursework for your entire request submission and fill out a Transfer Course Request Form for each course you are attempting to transfer. A syllabus and any supporting material you have must be submitted with your transfer request. You will also need to submit a Program of Study Draft including your requested courses, as the purpose of a course transfer request is to use the course on your program of study. Do not submit more than the maximum course transfers for review, five for PhD and two for MS. If you submit more courses than you are allowed to transfer, your request will be denied.

All course transfers are subject to the rules set in the Graduate School Policies and Procedures Manual as well as the rules in the School of EECS Graduate Student Handbook.

Once all forms are complete and signed, you will submit them to the Graduate Coordinator (EME 303). Please note that this process can take several months for completion.