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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Syllabi

EE 214: Design of Logic Circuits

EE 221: Numerical Computing for Engineers

EE 234: Microprocessor Systems

EE 261: Electrical Circuits I

EE 262: Electrical Circuits Laboratory

EE 302: Professional Skills in Computing and Engineering

EE 304: Introduction to Electrical Circuits

EE 311: Electronics

EE 321: Electrical Circuits II

EE 324: Fundamentals of Digital Systems

EE 331: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

EE 334: Computer Architecture

EE 341: Signals and Systems

EE 351: Distributed Parameter Systems

EE 352: Electrical Engineering Laboratory I

EE 361: Electrical Power Systems

EE 362: Power Systems Laboratory

EE 415: Design Project Management

EE 416: Electrical Engineering Design

EE 431: RF and Microwave Circuits and Systems

EE 432: RF Engineering for Telecommunications

EE 434: ASIC and Digital System Design

EE 439: Critical Infrastructure Security: The Emerging Smart Grid

EE 451: Digital Communication Systems

EE 455: Introduction to Computer Networks

EE 464: Digital Signal Processing

EE 466: VLSI Design

EE 470: Concepts in Biotechnology

EE 476: Analog Integrated Circuits

EE 483 Special Topic: Electric Energy Distribution Systems

EE 486: Power Electronics

EE 488: Professional Practice Coop/Internship I

EE 489: Introduction to Control Systems

EE 491: Performance of Power Systems

EE 492: Renewable Energy

EE 493: Protection of Power Systems I

EE 494: Protective Relay Lab

EE 495: Internship in Electrical Industry

EE 496: Introduction to Semiconductor Devices

EE 499: Special Problems