Computer Science

Computer science is a discipline that provides a scientific foundation for computing expertise and skills. The curriculum is geared to provide the fundamental computing concepts derived from mathematics and sciences, and the practical application of these concepts through substantial hands-on course project experiences. The coursework in computer science prepares students for a variety of careers that involve the extensive use of computers.

There are two major degrees offered within Computer Science: the BS in Computer Science, and the BA in Computer Science. Graduates in both the degree programs will have a solid technical background in mathematics and sciences. The BS degree requires substantial basic and advanced computer science course work and is the traditional computer science degree. The BA degree is designed for multi-disciplinary students who wish to learn the basics of computer science and apply it to a different field. This degree requires a minor in another area, such as art, biochemistry, music, psychology, architecture, etc.

The program offers courses in a wide variety of topics including theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, software engineering, operating systems, computer networks, computer graphics, image processing, distributed systems, and database systems. The coursework is supplemented by several general purpose computing labs dedicated to computer science students, and specialized labs for courses such as operating systems, software engineering, and computer networking. Option area course sequences allow students to specialize in specific areas such as computer graphics, computer networking, computer systems software, software engineering, or computer engineering.

Below you will find links to information relevant to undergraduate studies in Computer Science at WSU.


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