Undergraduate Study-Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a field of study that encompasses the fundamental principles, methods, and modern tools for the design and implementation of computing systems. Advances in technology are yielding smaller and higher-performance computer systems permeating into a wide range of applications, from communication systems to consumer products and common household appliances. The computer engineering program provides a balanced perspective of both hardware and software elements of computing systems, and of their relative design trade-offs and applications. Computer engineering builds upon fundamental courses in mathematics, science, and the engineering disciplines to achieve a sound knowledge foundation and to develop breadth. Laboratory experiences are emphasized to provide students with background on experimental design and simulation techniques. Since core course sequences are completed in the junior year, students are able to pursue their career objectives with opportunities to select from a broad spectrum of elective courses. These include a wide range of computer engineering topics such as hardware design, VLSI design, embedded systems, computer architecture, networking, and operating systems.

The program culminates with a two-semester senior design project. The project involves industry cooperation and provides students with a major design experience addressing a broad range of issues, including technical subjects as well as economics, safety, and ethical and societal considerations.

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