By Victoria Sandmeyer, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

bright_facesNearly 200 students packed into a lecture hall in Sloan Hall on September 3rd for “Student Club Night” where faculty, staff and student club leaders provided both pizza and food for thought to new EECS students. The atmosphere was lively and all faces were engaged as the new students were called to get involved in a hands-on way with their future.

Clinical associate professor Andy O’Fallon laid out how vital it is for the success of engineering and computer science students to be involved in studies outside of the classroom. “You have to do the academics; you have to go to class; but you also have to do more. Joining a student club is a perfect example of that.” Assistant professor Matt Taylor also stressed the importance of extra-curricular learning, saying: “Figure out what you’re passionate about and do it. If there’s not a club that does what you want to do, get a group of friends together and build something.” Sounding more like a football coach than a “tech guy,” systems administrator and 30 year staff member of EECS, John Yates had the students on the edge of their seats. He related how awesome it was to see so many undergraduate students taking personal responsibility of their education and future by participating in student club night. EECS director, Behrooz Shirazi summed up the evening, charging the students to “Be curious.”
student_club_night2014 041

The purpose of the evening was to highlight the EECS student clubs and make new students aware of the resources available to them outside the classroom. Following the fast paced presentations, students were given a map of all the student club locations and turned loose for the open house where club leaders waited to answer questions.

Assistant director Sakire Arslan AY and undergraduate advisor Alli Guyer, who headed up the event, were pleased with the attendance and the positive tone of the evening. Sakire explained, “This was an event that was encouraging to both students and faculty. All the people here are interested in doing cool stuff and this was an opportunity to bring them all together in a different format.” She commented on the inspiring effect of taking faculty and students out of the classroom in order to understand each other in a new way. Alli commented from an advisor’s perspective, “We find that students who are involved with clubs do better in school; these students are the cream of the crop. Joining a club reinforces the concepts students are learning in class, and makes them more immersed in the information.” She went on to say,“Especially when it comes to computer science if you want to be successful you need to create a posse. It is so collaborative.”


Andy O’Fallon, Alli Guyer & Sakire Arslan AY drawing the names of the door prize winners from the evening