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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Power Engineering

Washington State University has a long history of excellence in the fields of electrical power and energy systems. The electric power program at WSU is considered among the best in the world in power systems research and power engineering education. Researchers are working to develop and incorporate new technologies aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of electric power systems.

A unique feature of WSU’s power engineering research is the long and deep collaboration between computer science and power engineering faculty, resulting in large-scale projects, such as GridStat, that have advanced the state of the art in smart grid technologies.

WSU’s Energy Systems Innovation Center is at the forefront of global research, education, and technology innovation and transfer for energy systems, including smart grids. With a distinguished multidisciplinary team from power engineering and allied fields of engineering, science, sociology, economics, psychology, and public policy, the center brings unique strengths and synergies to address critical electric energy issues in a societal context.

Research projects and labs

Energy Systems Innovation Center (ESIC)
Smart Grid Demonstration and Research Investigation Lab (SGDRIL)


Dave Bakken (data delivery)

Anjan Bose
Research: Power grid control centers, Energy Management Systems, Power systems analysis, Power systems computation

Carl Hauser (data delivery)
Research: Distributed systems, networking, concurrent programming models and mechanisms, programming language implementations.

Chen-Ching Liu

Saeed Lotfifard
Research: Power system protection, health monitoring, fault diagnosis and prognosis of renewable energy and storage systems, fault-tolerant and resilient smart grids with high penetration of renewable energy.

Robert Olsen
Research: Electrical power engineering, electromagnetics, electromagnetic fields, transmission lines, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical engineering, power transmission, electrics, antennas.

Patrick Pedrow

Noel Schulz

Anurag Srivastava
Research: Power System Operation and Control, Synchrophasor Applications, Control and Management algorithms for microgrid, Resiliency of Cyber-Power Systems.

Mani Venkatasubramanian
Research: Power system stability and control, power system dynamics, oscillation monitoring and control, voltage control, synchrophasor applications, nonlinear dynamics, bifurcations.