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School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Microelectronics/Computer Engineering

The microelectronics program at WSU emphasizes analog circuit design and provides a direct interface to applications that affect every aspect of our lives. Key topics include:

Wireless Communications, Millimeter-Wave, Wireless Backhaul, Optical Communications, Flexible Electronics, Energy-efficient Computation,
Consumer Electronics, Medical Systems, Signal Processing, Energy Management, 3D Electronics.

Circuits and Systems Design
Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, RF Transceivers, Frequency Synthesizers, Power Amplifiers, High-speed digital, high-frequency analog,
microwave circuits, memories, timing.

Devices and Technology
Bio-silicon/Optical-silicon interfaces, Integrated sensors, Mixed signal systems, Mixed material systems.


Research projects and labs

Analog, RF and Mixed-Signal Application Group (ARMAG)

Systems-on-Chip Lab (SoC) 


Jose Delgado-Frias

Subhanshu Gupta
Research: Broadband communications, adaptive sampling techniques, radio frequency transceivers, and low power flexible integrated BioSensors.

Deuk Heo
Research: Millimeter-Wave circuits and systems, RF beamformers signal generation circuits, wireless link for biomedical applications, power management system for energy harvesting, wireless sensor networks, CMOS power amplifiers, dynamic voltage frequency scaling for integrated system.

Partha Pande
Research: On-chip wireless communication network, NoC-based hardware accelerators for Biocomputing, Sustainable Computing, Machine Learning inspired Three-dimensional (3D) NoC Architectures.

Dae Hyun Kim
Research: Three-Dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs) and systems, low-power and high-performance computer systems, design methodologies and optimization algorithms for emerging technologies and system.