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Andy O'FallonOur own Andrew O’Fallon, voted best professor at WSU, poses a coding question to his computer science class Monday, April 24th.



Allen GuyerAllen Guyer was the recent recipient of the VCEA Staff Excellence Award, an award that acknowledges outstanding employees who go above and beyond their job description. Allen’s boss, Systems and Services manager John Yates comments,

Allen has been the glue that binds, the staff that works with him utilizes the insight he provides for systems administration. There is no doubt concerning his ethics, he can often be found on the “high road” here at WSU. He inspires the staff to step up their game by leading by example. He has often commented that this is the best job he has ever had and it shows. If he makes a mistake, he is willing to take ownership and correct it, there is no blame game nor brushing it aside and treating it as if it never happened. Allen does a great job with the students, they often seek him out for advice.



Dr. Diane Cook, WSU Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award

Vasiliy Bunakov, Tech Super Hero

Vasiliy Bunakov