Mission and Vision


To rank in the top 50 programs nationally by providing an experience-enhanced education and conducting groundbreaking interdisciplinary research in engineering and computing.

Educational Mission

Educate graduates for professional leadership, civic influence, and lifelong learning.
Provide an education based on a theoretical, experimental, and ethical foundation and enhanced by opportunities for participation in research, internships, international studies, interdisciplinary programs, or programs in entrepreneurship.

Research Mission

Conduct research and develop technology to address present and future societal problems.
Advance the state-of-the-art in areas incorporating technical disciplines from electrical engineering and computer science.
Collaborate with researchers from other disciplines to address societal grand challenge problems.

Outreach Mission

Serve the community and the profession by participating in activities designed to improve and preserve the body of knowledge in engineering and computing.
Participate in service that advances engineering and computing education.
Transfer research results to communities, the nation, and the world to increase economic equity, quality of life, and ecological sustainability.

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